Specialty Boat Covers

Carver manufactures a variety of Specialty Boat Covers for boats with T-Tops, Hard Tops, Ski/Wakeboard Towers or other unique features. Each of our Specialty Covers is made with the same high quality components used in our Styled-to-Fit® boat covers. Where hook and loop fastener tape is used, we use only 100% polyester tape, unlike other suppliers who use standard, low cost nylon tape that does not hold up well to UV rays. Where zippers are used, we use only 100% marine grade zippers with chain that won’t corrode and large, double pull, auto-locking tabs that are easy to operate and stay closed even in windy conditions. As in all Carver products, the care and detail that goes into our Specialty Boat Covers will provide many years of reliable service to you and your boat.

Specialty Covers for Boats with a Hard Top or T-Top
Rounded Bow Bay Style Center Console Fishing Boats with T-Top
Bay Style V-Hull Boats with a T-Top
Over-the-Tower Cover for Tournament Ski Boats w/ Tower – Full Coverage
Over-the-Tower Cover for Deck Boats w/ Tower
Over-the-Tower Cover for V-Hull Runabout and Modified V-Hull Boats w/ Tower
Over-the-Tower Cover for Ski Boats w/ Pickle-Fork or Wide Bow w/ Tower
Boats with Ski or Wakeboard Towers
Pontoons w/ Rails that Partially Enclose Deck
Cabin Cruisers with Radar Arch
Center Console Inflatable Boats
Flats Blunt Nose w/ High Grab Rail
Flats Blunt Nose w/ Low Grab Rail
Boat Covers for Drift Boats