Selecting a Boat Cover

Important Considerations When Selecting a Boat Cover

These are just some of the important considerations when buying a boat cover:

  • Transportation. Will you need to trailer your boat? If so, select from the Carver Custom Fit, Styled-to-Fit® Boat Covers, Specialty Boat Covers and Flex-Fit™ PRO covers which are suitable for travel* when tied down properly. The better the fit of the cover, the better the cover travels, providing greater protection for your boat.
  • Are you storing your boat in a protected area for the off-season? If so, an economical Flex-Fit™ PRO cover may be right for you.
  • Location. Do you reside in an area of the country with extreme weather changes? If so, you may need a more durable fabric for your cover.
  • Is UV protection important? The right cover can prolong the beauty of seats, instrument panels, etc. We recommend light colors such as Gray/Silver, Khaki/Linen or White/Natural to best deflect the sun, keeping the interior of your boat as cool as possible.

*Some exceptions may apply.