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Boat Covers

Carver boat covers are available in three categories to give the boat owner a balance between perfect fit and perfect price, Custom-Fit, Styled-to-Fit and Flex-Fit. Each category of boat cover is available in a selection of carefully engineered fabrics to provide you with choices that are right for you and best for your boat. Our Online Selection Guide takes the guesswork out of choosing the right part number for your cover. Over 30 years of developing patterns for a vast array of boat manufacturers and model years has enabled us to create the most comprehensive database of boat covers ranging from model year 1958 to present. We currently have over 30,000 pattern applications in a variety of fabrics and colors to give you the most extensive selection available anywhere!

Kayaks – Fishing Style
Specialty Covers for Boats with a Hard Top or T-Top
Rounded Bow Bay Style Center Console Fishing Boats with T-Top
Bay Style V-Hull Boats with a T-Top
Over-the-Tower Cover for Tournament Ski Boats w/ Tower – Full Coverage
Over-the-Tower Cover for Deck Boats w/ Tower
Over-the-Tower Cover for V-Hull Runabout and Modified V-Hull Boats w/ Tower
Over-the-Tower Cover for Ski Boats w/ Pickle-Fork or Wide Bow w/ Tower
Boats with Ski or Wakeboard Towers
Pontoons w/Rails that Partially Enclose Deck
Cabin Cruisers with Radar Arch
Center Console Inflatable Boats
Flats Blunt Nose w/ High Grab Rail
Flats Blunt Nose w/ Low Grab Rail
Boat Covers for Drift Boats
Kayaks – Recreational Style
Kayaks – Touring Style
Canoe Covers
Pontoon Boat Covers
Personal Watercraft Covers
Flex-Fit Boat Covers
Styled-to-Fit Boat Covers
Custom Fit Boat Covers