Universal Boat Skirts

Protects the hull from UV damage.

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Premium 100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic

Superior Quality

Premium 100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz Fabric utilizing either Sunbrella® or Outdura®. Both fabric brands are considered to be industry leading solutions for the marine industry with competitive quality, performance and value. Both are highly UV and mildew resistant, providing excellent resistance to fading and rot, excellent (top of the line) sun blockage, breathability, and water repellency. We reserve the right to provide either fabric based on availability. (10 Year Limited Warranty on Sunbrella® and Outdura®)


Excellent Quality

100% Solution-Dyed marine grade polyester. 7.6 oz., 600 x 600 Denier. Sun-DURA® colors are part of the polyester fiber itself so the color goes completely through the fiber instead of being just on the surface. 100% Polyurethane finish coating. Excellent UV and mildew resistance. Excellent resistance to fading and rot. Excellent sun blockage. Extremely water repellent. Excellent against cold-cracking. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. (7 Year Limited Warranty)

*Sunbrella® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven Mills
*Outdura® is a Registered Trademark of Sattler Corporation
*Performance Poly-Guard® is a Registered Trademark of Covercraft Industries, LLC
*Sun-DURA® is a Registered Trademark of Covercraft Industries, LLC
*Mossy Oak™ is trademark used under license from Haas Outdoors, Inc. by Covercraft Industries, LLC

Product Details

Boat skirts protect the hull from UV damage and keep gel coat and decals looking new. Helps protect from scratches and oxidation. Easy to install with 1-1/2″ to 2″ OD pipe insulation (not included). Simply insert into skirt pockets and tuck under hem of cover above the rub rail for a secure fit. Boat Skirts are available in lengths from 18′ to 35′ and provide an additional 30″ of side coverage for your boat. Sold in pairs for port and starboard side protection.

Boat Skirts

Length Sun-DURA®
Order No.*
Premium Acrylic
Order No.*
18′ 64018S 64018A
19′ 64019S 64019A
20′ 64020S 64020A
21′ 64021S 64021A
22′ 64022S 64022A
23′ 64023S 64023A
24′ 64024S 64024A
25′ 64025S 64025A
26′ 64026S 64026A
27′ 64027S 64027A
28′ 64028S 64028A
29′ 64029S 64029A
30′ 64030S 64030A
31′ 64031S 64031A
32′ 64032S 64032A
33′ 64033S 64033A
34′ 64034S 64034A
35′ 64035S 64035A

To measure for a boat skirt, start at the tip of the bow of the boat and follow the curvature of the boat at the rub rail to the stern of the boat.

For storage only. Not recommended for trailering or mooring.

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